Fun Mexican Style Wedding at Sunset Fishermen Resort

We were working in the office on July 4th when we received a call from our friend Natasha at Vo Evolution hair & Make up! She asked us to help her out with a wedding. They were doing the hair and make up for Laura who was getting married in few hours and their photographer back out. We grabbed our equipment and headed off to the resort for an amazing wedding day!

The religious ceremony was held at the beautiful Chapel Nuestra Senora del Carmen on 5th Ave., downtown Playa del Carmen. We then headed back to their resort, Sunset Fishermen, in Playacar to celebrate the civil wedding right on the beach, followed by their reception with all their family and friends.

It was an incredible night and the golden finale was the Mariachi band that put everyone on the dance floor.

Thank you Laura & Marco for having us to capture such beautiful milestone in your lives! Wish you a happy long lasting adventure together! Silvina

Laura & Marco review:

"Best photographers we have ever worked with. It was an absolute pleasure having them take our wedding pictures. Not only did they step in 2 hours before the ceremony (when our original photographer flaked on us) but they also took AMAZING pictures. We will definitely use them again in the future. "

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