Chelsea & Adam. Riu Yucatan.

Chelsea & Adam first met in the summer of 2012 through a mutual friend who worked with Adam at New York Life. It was many months later that Chelsea made first contact, which happened to be on New Year's eve. Chelsea and Adam dated on and off for many months but realized that a long- term relationship was not in their best interests. After going their separate ways, Chelsea & Adam reconnected in the summer of 2015, this time it was simple texting and phone calls. Finally in December 2015 they met up and sparks flew immediately! It was an emotional rendezvous for both of them and it felt like they were finally "home" in each other's embrace. This was also the first time that Chelsea met Adam's daughter Emily. It was only 2 weeks later on New Year's eve that Chelsea & Adam decided to give their relationship another shot.

As the days and weeks went on, Chelsea began to not only fall in love with Adam but with Emily too! The three of them started making lasting memories. Three months into their relationship they took a very romantic and exciting trip to Cabo San Lucas. It was on this trip that the two of them realized that a future together was possible. In April Chelsea and Jack (her four-legged baby) moved in with Adam and Emily. It only took Adam 3 months to propose on July 31st, 2016 in Lake Tahoe, during one of Chelsea & Adam's weekend volleyball tournaments. It was also on their trip to Cabo that they discovered that both were in love with the idea of a destination wedding and being married on the beach, hence their fairy tale beach wedding in Playa del Carmen.

Congratulations again Chelsea & Adam!!!!

Wish you a happy life together!! Silvina

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