Finding Your Perfect Wedding Photographer in the Riviera Maya

Choosing a destination wedding photographer is one of the most important and hardest decisions you face in your Destination Wedding planning. On the most important day of your life (so far) and with no “do-overs” possible, it’s crucial to pick the best professional to capture your story in images you’ll cherish happily ever after.

Here’s a guide to find the perfect photographer for YOU!

* Research is key

Check out Facebook groups, Instagram, other social media, google searches and destination wedding websites, for reviews from wedding couples telling what they liked (or didn’t) about their choices. Their experiences are priceless for pointing you in the right direction.

* Check out their photography style

The first thing to consider is finding photos that resonate with you and tug at your heartstrings. Do examples of their work touch you or even put a lump in your throat?

Choosing the right style that moves you is far more important than finding the lowest price.

The right images will transport you right back to revisit those special moments every time you look at them.

This is your once-in-a-lifetime Big Day!

* Ask if this is their hobby or profession, and why they decided to become photographers?

* What is their style, and how do they approach the wedding day coverage?

Only you can say if you prefer spontaneous or staged poses, or maybe a combination of both? Do you like being the center of attention? Or would you prefer a photographer who likes to stand back and observe the day as it happens?

Remember, You’re going to be spending a lot of time with this person so make sure you like who they are!

* Do you like his/her personality?

Does it feel like they could add more stress - or help you feel relaxed on this Special Day? Remember your photographer will be spending a lot of time with you, it's important to choose one that feels "right".

* Look for a photographer that ask a lot of questions about your wedding day, find out what you don’t like and what is important to you.

Someone that can relate to what you want from your wedding photography.

* Have they shot a wedding at your venue or location before?

Bonus points if they have but it is not a deal breaker! A good photographer can figure things out very quickly on the day. If so check out those photo albums for a good idea of what your wedding backdrop will look like.

* How long will it take to get your photos back and how are they delivered…ie. digital, format, resolution, etc ?

* Do they have lots of experience….how many weddings have they shot? Experienced professionals are your best bet in getting results you’ll love.

* What equipment do they use?

You need to keep in mind having the latest gear is great, but is only one factor, and needs to be balanced with their skill level and experience at using these cameras. The best camera can only yield the results of the photographer's skills behind the lens.

* What’s their “Plan B” in case any unforeseen challenges come up? Sometimes, sh*t happens!

Do they have back-up plans….ie extra cameras/batteries/memory cards? What if their computer crashes, etc? If they don’t have contingency plans in case something goes wrong, they’re not the best fit.

* Do they have a contract to protect you, spelling out exactly what you’re getting for your money?

To make sure both sides understand everything clearly, it's always better to have it in writing. 

Better safe than sorry.

* Don’t ask or expect a friend or family member to be your wedding photographer….

it’s not fair to them or you. They wouldn’t be able to enjoy celebrating your day, and you wouldn’t be getting the  images that you would from a trained, competent and experienced professional.

* The cheapest option is not necessarily the best.

Since “getting what you pay for” holds true so often, it’s much better to base your choice for a photographer on their ability to touch your emotions - rather than a lower price.

Asking yourself (and the professional you’re considering) the right questions will help you make the best choice easily.

Your Wedding Day flies by so fast, it’s over before you know it! You hardly have time to register all the magical moments, however the right photographer does. They can capture the laughter and tears of your Love Story in "golden nuggets" you didn’t even realize happened.

What's it worth to you to have peace of mind, knowing your photographer has your back, covering every eventuality...come rain or shine?

It's one of your Most Important Destination Wedding Planning decisions.

You Can Do This…..and we’re here to help!

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