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Iberostar Paraiso Wedding. Jillian & Simon

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Jillian was working as a bartender/server and Simon came in one day for lunch. She instantly fell in love with him she remembers referring to him as her “secret work husband” to all the staff. He continued coming into work for months before she eventually got the courage to give him her phone number. They started building an amazing friendship and talked daily. Helping each other through daily stresses and laughing a lot became something regular. He eventually he asked her on a date, and flew Jillian to Las Vegas with him! They have been inseparable ever since!! 1000% soulmates, only 6 months into dating they moved in together, 1.5 years later they got engaged and 3 years after meeting they were legally married at their forever home!

They decided to celebrate their wedding at Iberostar Paraiso here in the Riviera Maya. Thank you Jill and Simon for choosing us, it was a delight to work for you.

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