Quick Tips for Pain-Free Family Photos

I have a love-hate relationship with family photos. On the one hand, of all the photos I have, my family photos are the ones I cherish the most.

On the other hand, taking them can be soooooo PAINFUL!

Today I want to share 5 quick tips for pain free family photos – So when your wedding day comes, your family photos are a breeze.

1. Make An Announcement

The number 1 challenge with family photos is FINDING EVERYONE.

The last thing you want is to have to spend 10 minutes searching for Uncle Bob, only to find out that by the time you got him back, Aunt Susan has gone to the bathroom.

You can prevent all this with a simple announcement after you ceremony ends. Your wedding coordinator can ask all family members to meet immediately after the ceremony at a location of your photographers choice. The best way to get family photos done and finished is to do them right away.

I usually take a big group picture after the ceremony and right there start with the family formals.

2. Create a list

Prior the wedding We will provide you with a list of the most common group pictures and combinations that we do. If your photographer doesn't have one, please make a list of all the different combinations / family photos you need, and give a copy to your photographer + photo organizer (see tip #3!). You don't want to forget about this pictures!

3. Appoint an organizer

Your photographer will be able to finish your photos WAY faster if you have someone else to organize groups as the photographer takes your photos. Appoint a family member or friend who knows most of your family, and give them your photo list to gather groups and find everyone. They can also double check your list to make sure all the photos have been taken!

3. Start large & work your way down

The bigger group photos take the most time and are the hardest to find everyone. Organize your photo list from largest groups down to smallest. This will save a ton of time and also allow your more distant relatives to take off once the big family photo is finished.

4. Get the kids & Grandpa's photos done asap

If there is one thing I’ve learned photographing weddings, its that kids do NOT like to wait around during family photos! Take your group shots with the kiddos and then any other photos they’ll be in as soon as possible. The longer they have to wait, the more likely they’ll be cranky or crying!

The same for your grand parents or any older guests since they may need to rest or find a place to sit.

5. Budget enough time.

Nothing makes family photos more stressful than trying to take 20 mins worth of photos with only 5 minutes of budgeted time! Not budgeting enough time is a recipe for rushed photos, or even missing certain photos altogether! Once you have your photo list created, budget 2 - 3 minutes per photo. This will allow some wiggle room in case someone has to track down Uncle Bob etc or even if your ceremony finish later. If you happen to get done early, you can enjoy a short break - You’ve earned it!

These photo tips might seem simple – But trust me, they are LIFE SAVERS. Apply them and kiss that family photo stress goodbye!

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